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Andrea Spinelli
Como, Milan, Basel
Andrea Spinelli
children'slove-story, Famiglia - Mariateresa e Kristel - Andrea Spinelli, Como, Milan, Basel
having worked with one point of view it is difficult to be able to change :) I've been working on the poses the photographer and tried to carve out moments useful, I've never directed a scene much less used. I simply told a regular photo shoot.
Вообще действительно, соглашусь, можно было бы лучше снять, если подвигаться самому и менять стекляшки почаще, набрать разных планов, очень частно планы сменяются такими же планами почти такой же крупности, и разные детали, такие как кирпичная кладка можно было привязать к объектам съемки, поставить допустим их на этот фон, хотя бы деталь захватить (развивающийся сарафан к примеру)
Мы не согласны с тем что это видео находится здесь. Одинаковые планы, нет никакой истории, идеи, бесконечные неугомонные кружения (?)! Нет связи между видео и музыкой, все очень затянуто! Слабая цветокоррекция. Автору явно не хватает мышления монтажера! Успехов и удачи! С любовью студия myGraphics :)
you to confirm what you said. Then we say that the great thing about this is that everyone can interpret the right shots as he sees fit and mount them at his pleasure. We hope to potercelo have a coffee together.
Sometimes publishers tend (not always ....) to despise light or natural colors. When we are rookies, we tend to abuse the filters and effects we want to achieve "blockbuster" ..... forgetting that there is an earlier work: performed by the camera. Over time, we have learned to respect the work of the camera more. Except editing trailers, effects (in my opinion) should elapse as the bass instrument in a song is only noticed when it is not. While this all sounds good, but at the moment we stop dreaming, the song lacks something. The effects are similar. In perspective to note that not much. You see, Andrea. We're just (so to speak) with a cup of coffee on a terrace (anywhere in the world) as we speak the world of video editing .....
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Andrea Spinelli
Sérgio Duarte
Otabek Djuraev
Иван Гончаров и Ринат Ибрагимов
Иван Смирнов и  Денис Румянцев
studio myGraphics
Pedro Pinto
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Pro Studio
BeautifulDay production
Dispute: Epic Film (Romania)
Dear Colleagues! Often lately active "likes" made very controversial video to "Video of the day" ... Let's be more selective and objective in their assessments, colleagues? Let's discuss some of the work, trapped in the "Video of the Day" recently. Suggest you make a dispute in English, so that it could be open to all colleagues from a variety of countries represented on our site. Even if you do not know English, simple phrases google translator translates very…
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We have 1.000 in the EEVA!
We have a little more than 1000 on this site.
1. We have accumulated a critical mass and now it will change the quality side. We want to leave the site exactly 1,000 videographers and video studios, the best of the best. Videographer who joined the site, posted a 3-4 video and forgot about the site will be removed in the near future without any regret. Since September 2014 ordinary membership will be available for a limited time - 3 months from the date of registration. If during this time…
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, Female Selections Rugby - Estudio Marhea , La Coruna
Female Selections Rugby
, Martha & Martin  |  Österreich - Maciej Olech, other
Martha & Martin | Österreich
, Shola & Lekan - Preparations - by airsnap | Wedding video, Nice, Negresco | French Riviera - airsnap ,
Shola & Lekan - Preparations - by airsnap | Wedding video, Nice, Negresco | French Riviera
, Shola & Lekan - Teaser - by airsnap | Wedding video, Nice, Negresco | French Riviera - airsnap ,
Shola & Lekan - Teaser - by airsnap | Wedding video, Nice, Negresco | French Riviera
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