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Leoš Brabec
Brno, Prague
Leoš Brabec
wedding, Katka + Kuba - Leoš Brabec, Brno, Prague
Good Frames!
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Bojan Mitkovski
GoodLife Production Studio
Vito D'Agostino
Pavlo Kyrychenko
Pro Studio
studio myGraphics
Otabek Djuraev
BeautifulDay production
Andrea Spinelli
Dmitriy Makeyev
Philippe Rolo
SANTI VEIGA  life&emotions
In this battle does not win...
"In this battle does not win the user who made ​​the movie better only the one who has more fans on facebook or friends. I voted, but I dont know what for". - said our colleague about this Battle... This situation often happens in battles - sometimes 3-4 vote, sometimes 70-100 ... "Who has more friends on facebook - and he won." So say the losers. "I was active, you could also do it!" - Say the winners. Who is right?
For example -
Will we begin the…
1 day back
The youngest participant Eeva - Daniel Esau!
18-year-old German videographer who is the second year shoot and edit wedding videos!
"the company actually belongs to my father, but before few years ago I started playing around with the dslr and then may from time to time with the weddings... and now I do everything yourself completely" - say Daniel.
4 days back
, Love Is A Firework - Shestopal studio, Kiev
Love Is A Firework
, Anna & Alexandre - Adrià  Batlle, Barсelona
Anna & Alexandre
, Wedding Film || Between roofs & clouds - GoodLife Production Studio, Perm
Wedding Film || Between roofs & clouds
, Gaia + Marco | Wedding Trailer - MDM Wedding, Milan, Genove, Florence
Gaia + Marco | Wedding Trailer
Battle of the day
Martin Kacvinsky
Brno, Prague, Bratislava
Battle - Elven wedding // Lord of rings love story (Martin Kacvinsky, Czech Republic)
Battle - Aleksandra | Adam //  Wedding Day // Teledysk Ślubny (MCF STUDIO, Poland)