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Welcome to the site of the European Event Videographers Association. It is modern and user-friendly which makes everything - registration, uploading, sorting and searching videos, communication on the forum and commenting videos - absolutely simple. Anyone, whose occupation is connected with videography, can join EEVA and participate in its activities. Let's develop videography together!
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Artem Ditkovsky
St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk
Artem Ditkovsky
eventweddingdrone-video, Evgeniy & Alena // Winter Tale - Artem Ditkovsky, St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk
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MEUSH production
Artem Korchagin
Slava Aramov
Nelson Coelho
Nikita Kazmiruk
Artjom Kurepin
Mainstream Studio
Pavlo Kyrychenko
Leoš Brabec
Zaga Production Studio
Михаил Ходановский
Caique Castro / StudioC Films
Facebook Flashmob Start!
Colleagues! I want to make a flashmob in facebook :)) (Flashmob - action for fun, as Harlem Shake)
I ask all members EEVA change avatars on new with EEVA's logo. If all members of EEVA will change avatars - they will be very clearly seen on Facebook. And remind everyone about the EEVA :))
For example: etc. I think it will be cool! :)
If you ready - let change your avatar by new!…
1 month back
EEVA's Movie Theater | Show your work
We offer you post your latest work as comment to this post, or as a separate thread in the forum. Followed by a description including: creative approach, technical data/equipment used, production notes - e.g.: color grading, editing, sound designing etc. That way both the videographer and his colleagues on EEVA will benefit. And it would make it more interesting to read and watch videos every day.
Who can start it?
Post, where the idea began:…
2 months back
, Julia & Eugen - SI - Studio , other
Julia & Eugen
, Barbara & Dragan - Love Story - Studio Boutique , Ljubljana
Barbara & Dragan - Love Story
Battle of the day
Raffaele Chiavola
Ragusa, Paris, Berlin
Bucharest, Milan, Nijmegen
Battle - UN NUOVO INIZIO | Giovanni + Lucia (Raffaele Chiavola, Italy)
Battle - Teaser Roxana & Razvan  (StudioBlitz , Romania)