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Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics
Kazan, Moscow, St.-Petersburg
Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics
wedding, Highlight - I already love you - Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics, Kazan, Moscow, St.-Petersburg
Спасибо :)
очень понравился клип, картинка с мелодией очень сочетается, стиль отличный.
Very nice clip !
Спасибо коллега из Тольятти :) очень приятно :)
Я согласен, одно из лучших! Рузаль, мне нравится ваш монтаж( в том числе и грейдинг- я в числе тех самых "любителей" такой картинки) и конечно операторская работа. Всё в купе создаёт очень интересные и "свежие" своим стилем фильмы! Ваши работы заслуживают внимания!
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MEUSH production
Leoš Brabec
Film Art Team
Sergey Andreev
Михаил Ходановский
Happy Moments
Slava Aramov
Yarets Studio
Kaveret Studio
Reticências Produções
Sergio Duarte
Mainstream Studio
Finally! The whole month of voting! Disputes and doubt! 500 videos, lasting more than 40 !!! hours! We finally summed up!
And So! The Winner is...
The Videographer 2014 - Artem Korchagin from Russia! The winner in the category "Best video editor" and winner in the "Best colorist" who receives the maximum total number of points at the end of voting! With little margin for Artem followed Yulia Vopilova (Prague, Czech Republic) and Leoš Brabec (Prague, Czech Republic). Winners of the…
2 weeks back
8th Wedding Video Contest 2014 has started
The Wedding Video Contest is a significant annual event in wedding and event videography in Russia and the CIS. In the previous years among the winners of the contest were Santi Veiga, Leosh Brabeck, Artisland, Yulia Vopilova, myGraphics Studio and many other distinguished videographers.
All wedding videographers can participate in the contest if they are registered at the EEVA's site (European Event Visographers Association). Registration is free, however it is only pro account holders who…
3 months back
, ADRIAN & INGA # REZUMAT 2014 - Marian Croitoru, Chisinau
, Love in Paradise. Egypt. November, 2014 - Евгений Грабовский, Moscow
Love in Paradise. Egypt. November, 2014
, Small happines - Marcin Kazimierski, other
Small happines
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