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Mariano Teocrito
Buenos Aires
Mariano Teocrito
wedding, En el momento justo - Mariano Teocrito, Buenos Aires
Grande Mariano!! me encanta tu trabajos!! un groso!!.-
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GoodLife Production Studio
Dmitriy Makeyev
Nelson Coelho
Yarets Studio
IKRA Wedding
Artjom Kurepin
MEUSH production
Atheaton Films
Leoš Brabec
Михаил Ходановский
Kaveret Studio
Sergey Andreev
INTERVIEW | Andrea Spinelli, Italy
My name is Andrea Spinelli, I was born in 1981 in Como and is the son of art ... My father, photographer-edge and innovative for its time, sent me since I was little passion for photography and art. After following several courses in photography and photo editing, however, I realized that my true passion were so images, but those on the go! And so it was that I knew what I was going to be great ..... The videos. I, therefore, thrown body and soul in this reality; I attended (and I attend…
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TOP 15 | Nelson Coelho, Luxembourg
Nelson Coelho was born 07 August 1985 in Lisbon/Portugal, but grew up and lived much of his life in Terras de Bouro, Braga, Portugal. From a very early age that the video you raised a lot of interest and with only 12 years of age, the camera was, without any shadow of a doubt, his greatest passion. The fact that you have a cousin videografo (Carlos Coelho) facilitated the Nelson Coelho the opportunity to participate and cooperate in wedding videos since that time and with all the talent that…
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Film Art Team
Porto, Paris, London
Kaveret Studio
Tel Aviv
Battle - Highlights :: Elisabete & Tiago (Film Art Team, Portugal)
Battle - Liron & Yonatan - Highlights (Kaveret Studio, Israel)