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About Jan, 2023

EEVA is the oldest association of event videographers, on the basis of which the international association WEVA was created. EEVA included more than 2500 videographers from Italy, Russia, Poland, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria and many European countries.
We will returns soon! Meet this winter!

Some words about EEVA

Back in 2009, the website of the European Event Videographers Association (EEVA) was created. The new association was fundamentally different from the very first online association of videographers, which was the closed association WEVA.COM, created in the USA by Roy Chapman in 2004 (few people remember).

EEVA is open, on the pages of our site there is an opportunity to watch videos of any author, on personal pages there are direct contacts available for customers. We host videos and give promotion opportunities to any videographer for free!

Over the past 13 years, many good sites have emerged in Europe that allow videographers to post their portfolios and communicate with colleagues, professional communities have arisen in every country. But let’s assume that we are the overall European leader in terms of age, number of community members and uploaded videos.

In 2016, on the basis of EEVA, the Worldwide Events Videographers Association (WEVA) was created (only in name it is similar to the American retro community). The new site, created on the basis of EEVA, has become a big step in the development of world videography. Currently, work is underway on its cardinal alteration.

We would like to thank all the participants of our AWARDS, which started back in 2009 in an offline format! It was an incredible experience. At first, the competitions were held on the EEVA website, then on the WEVA. Each year brought us new talented names!

Thanks to everyone who is constantly participating in the work of our unique project! The EEVA website will be relaunched soon, you’ll be glad to see what new idea came to our bright minds. Our plans include expanding and improving the service, bringing together videographers around the world, developing wedding and event video.

Let’s develop videography together!