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Victor Popov Film Company
Victor Popov Film Company
wedding, Maria & Angel - Victor Popov Film Company , Sofia
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Михаил Ходановский
Artjom Kurepin
Leoš Brabec
Film Art Team
Piękny dzień Studio
Zaga Production Studio
SmileFilm Studio
IKRA Wedding
Caique Castro / StudioC Films
Dmitriy Makeyev
MEUSH production
Artem Korchagin
Votes... votes... and votes...
Surely this issue is "on everyone's lips" and perhaps some are somewhat annoying. I mean to request "likes" of a video through private message.
What is the limit? Is it good to apply to vote?
Personally I do not mind ... much. If I like it, I vote. I also use the "Videographers activity" option to find out the latest work of my favorites. What bothers me a bit, is it seems that I also have to ask for the vote. That is; Is not it enough to upload the video, I also have to ask colleagues…
4 days back
Interview | George Pada | Atheaton Films, Greece
George, do you work alone or you have a team? Tell about yourself and your studio. Atheaton is a small team composed by 4 people. Me, 1 camera operator, 1 assistant editor, 1 producer. But we involve up to 8 people in some projects. Exchange of ideas, hard work and lots – lots - lots of fun is key for such a collaborative task as filmmaking.
For how long do you work as a wedding videographer? Where do you work (office or Internet)? I've been making wedding videos as part time job since…
1 month back
, Nebo Wedding Cinema // ShowReel - Artem Shehovtsov, Sochi
Nebo Wedding Cinema // ShowReel
, I&Y - cвадебный клип (Slow Motion Studio Пермь) - Slow Motion, Perm
I&Y - cвадебный клип (Slow Motion Studio Пермь)
, Yura and Mila Thailand Wedding Highlights - Mikhail Levchuk, Moscow
Yura and Mila Thailand Wedding Highlights
, NEWVISION highlights(Alexander&Yana) - Mikhail Kohanyuk, Chernovtsy
NEWVISION highlights(Alexander&Yana)
Battle of the day
Madalin Dumitru
Sergio Duarte
Coimbra, Rome, Athens
Battle - David Cristian (Madalin Dumitru, Romania)
Battle - "A Christmas Dream" DISNEYLAND PARIS  (Sergio Duarte , Portugal)