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Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics
St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan
Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics
eventtraining videowedding, Afflatus - Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics, St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan
Спасибо, Тимур ;)
Thank you for your kind words, my friend! And you huge greetings from Russia ;)
Рузаль, молодчина!
Impecable, me encantó! Sale de todos los "videos clips" para abodar algo con muchísimo sentido en el lenguaje audiovisual y en el guión. Saludos desde Argentina
Договорились! ;) Только она уже второй год не ходит со мной :) а вообще я сам лучше всех замечаю, но зачастую их оставляю иначе слишком все идеально :)
About a strange phenomenon in EEVA Pro
Hello dear friends and administrators! For some time I have observed a strange phenomenon that I can’t interpret. Distinguished colleagues, who are at the forefront of our profession and whose creativity, I believe, we all admired, have resigned their pro accounts and have settled on some less visible positions in order to present their work. I respect their decision and the freedom of choice, of course, but can’t understand the reasons for this voluntary derating. Since the…
3 months back
Confidences ....
Well ... we have already presented a couple of videos for the contest. I honestly do not think we pass the first selection, but it's still important to participate. Perhaps the last year in EEVA Estudio Marhea follow. The fact that only we edit video is a major handicap that we have not managed to overcome in EEVA. What we are very happy he is to have met great professionals and have seen true works of art made movies .... Now videographers for which we edited, want to put these videos and…
8 months back
, Когда я стану выше... - Lara Khodos, Tel Aviv
Когда я стану выше...
, Eldar & Gulgena. Wedding day | White mountains - Timur Minnullin, Kazan
Eldar & Gulgena. Wedding day | White mountains
, Natalja & Vitali - Александр , Tallinn
Natalja & Vitali