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Marmellata films
Marmellata films
wedding, Monica + Joe - Marmellata films , Madrid
Thank you!!
Good job!!!
Thank you!!
Thank for your words Vladimir!!
Ubaldo Gomiz! You are a genius! Very excellent work! I made all of us welcome guests of this wedding! 1000 points!
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GoodLife Production Studio
Andrea Spinelli
studio myGraphics
Sergei Zhigalov
Sergey Andreev
Aramov Viacheslav
Максим Дедков (Maxim Dedkoff)
Imdaft Production
SONY Alpha a7S "IS IT TRUE?"
Sony a7S
As promised, here I share the little clip that resulted from the tests I did with Sony A7s. The images were captured during late afternoon and night, without any prior preparation and therefore do not contain predefined message or meaning. Weather conditions, despite adverse, helped in some parameters that wanted to test. However, obviously, on a clear day, or even with some clouds, i would have another kind of light to run several important tests.
Already we are all tired of…
1 week back
Publishing rights videos
I would just like to comment on what has happened in recent weeks. In our last two wedding films. The penultimate, and after agreeing with producer photographer, the trailer wedding was published in EEVA, on our website and in our Vimeo account. After a week at the request of the producer, we had to remove all traces of the trailer wedding under threat of lawsuit. Although the work was much celebrated by the couple, it seems that there a person very close to them (a mother .... I think),…
3 weeks back
, The Christening - Carmelo  Caramagno, other
The Christening
, Life is all around you - Роман Демин, St.-Petersburg
Life is all around you
,  HELENA & IVAN 5DIII RAW 14 bit - KARKADE studio, other
, SENNA - Innovation Factory // GM MOVIES Video Review - GM Movies, Vladivostok
SENNA - Innovation Factory // GM MOVIES Video Review
Battle of the day
Nuremberg, Linz, Berlin
Battle - SDE 08.08.2014 Матвей и Лида (Fonvi (Шнайдер и Вранова), Russia)
Battle - Alina & Sascha WeddingHighlights (EsauStudio , Germany)