[en]Ruzal Akhmadyshev | studio myGraphics [ru]Рузаль Ахмадышев | studio myGraphics
Russia, Kazan
Year of Foundation Studio 2012. Hard work, the embodiment of creative ideas, the development possibilities!
WEDSTARS - a creative association of the leading masters of the wedding photos and video industry, whose works occupy a worthy place in the world the wedding market. Together, our company has created not just a group of people engaged in favorite business. We are proud of the quality of our services thanks to a flawless technical equipment, individual approach and style, and our experience allows us to work confidently on a variety of events. Always with you, WEDSTARS!
[en]Artem Korchagin [ru]Артем Корчагин
Our victory is a victory large team of organizers, decorators, stylists, makeup artists, lighting designers, photographers working on each project days and nights. I want to say thank you to all of you! And, of course, a special thank you to my team: you know perfectly well that without you, it would be quite a different story :)
[en]Pedro Pinto (Reticências Produções)
Reticências Produções it´s a wedding Photography and Cinematography company. Telling stories since 2006.... This company was founded by the two twin brothers, Silvio Pinto and Pedro Pinto.
"I'm somebody that thinks of videography as an art form. I love to tell the story of someone that found their soulmate. I like to make days eternal. Through my work I can express my view of the world. I'm always trying to be innovative in my work. I love my work. Pedro Pinto"
[en]Alexznder Znakharchuk
Prague (CZ)
Our team is international award winning cinematographer in videocontests concerning wedding, event and advertising movies Place in Prague (CZ), We are one of most dynamically developing studio. We dont look for modern trends in video, we just create it. We work all over the world and we are honored to save moments of life, disclose the nature and come up with original stories.We are living with our projects, thinking about it every day, every minute.