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Entry Submission Dates: September 01st - October 10th
Shortlist Dates: October 10th - 19th
Judging: October 19th - November 16th
Finalist Announcement: November 16th

Awards - November 20th
Os jurados
Entries will be judged by most renowned
and respected videographers from all over the world.
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Videographer - Neha & Gaurav // paradise in San Francisco
The Annual Best Videographer Award is the highest award given to the videographer who is a cameraman, a video editor and a designer all in one for outstanding achievements in wedding videography.
Участников: 48
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Cameraman - ProStudio :: NETHERLANDS :: Roxana & Raymond
The Best Cameraman Award is given for the most creative approach, outstanding wedding videos, the most interesting shots or visual solutions.
Участников: 42
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Video Editor - Duologue
The Best Video Editor Award is given for the most creative approach, the most interesting solutions in wedding video editing, and the best color and composition.
Участников: 37
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Sound Producer - ProStudio :: PARIS :: Anna & Błażej
The Best Sound Producer Awards are given to experts in sound recording and sound design whose contest entries have the most interesting and outstanding sound tracks.
Участников: 14
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best SDE-Maker - Carlos y Eugenia
This award is given to experts who have created the best wedding reels during one wedding day (same day editing).
Участников: 21
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Colorist - ProStudio :: NETHERLANDS :: Roxana & Raymond
In this category judges evaluate fragments of real wedding videos demonstrating the author's approach to color editing.
Участников: 32
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Pilot - Amor Proibido
This category is for expert works shot using professional filmmaking equipment (drones, camera dollies, camera sliders, and steadicams).
Участников: 23
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Wedding Highlights Video - Yulia & Stepan - the highlights
This category is for videos that cover one whole wedding day (highlights).
Участников: 50
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Walk - Wedding Clip - Respiration
Videos with any storyline can be submitted to this category, the only condition is that they have to be shot during a wedding walk.
Участников: 11
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Love Story - Elena & Kirill // u've got a smile... :)
This category is for videos that cover love stories or wedding preparations, but not the wedding.
Участников: 38
EEVA CONTEST 2013 - Best Music Video - Unique wedding highlights | Stas & Katya | Chateau Mcely
This category is for music video shots with weddin guest during the preparations or the wedding celebration.
Участников: 6
Os jurados
  • Leosh Brabeck
    Leosh Brabeck
  • Nikita Sursin
    Nikita Sursin
  • Yulia Vopilova
    Yulia Vopilova
  • Dmitry Sedov
    Dmitry Sedov
  • Daniele Paglia
    Daniele Paglia
  • Joseph Lefevre
    Joseph Lefevre
  • Jason Magbanua
    Jason Magbanua
  • Specialist in wedding and events videography,
    providing unique video records of personal milestones.
  • Live in Novosibirsk
  • Destination wedding videographer. Adore traveling, photography, cooking, cats and italian cuisine
    Living and working: Indonesia, Sri lanka, Russia, CzR.
  • Founder of the international associations - and
  • Cinematographer, Colorist, Photographer, Post-Producer.
  • Director, editor, VisualFX, artistic director.
  • Wedding videographer. Visual storyteller. Star of the night. An all around nice guy.