[en]Robert Balasko | Art Studio
Croatia, Samobor
Art Studio is international award winning studio based in Croatia/Europe with more than 20 years of experience.
It is one of the leading studios of the world specialized for event, wedding and corporate photography and cinematography. Art Studio crew proves its creativity every day, working all over the world and they would be honored to "create" Your frames and memories in the most beautiful and unique way.
[en]Art Island
Russia, Moscow
ART ISLAND studio produces premium wedding cinematography and we are an Award Winning Wedding Cinematography in Russia.
Our small but very solid and amicable team is the best in Russia for many years. During that period of time that we exist we have already proved our professionalism to hundreds happy couples and families.
We help you to keep your happiest moments rnof life forever and remind your sincere smiles and tears of joy.
[en]Yulia Vopilova | Fresh Feeling studio
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Fresh Feeling studio.

Destination wedding videographer. Adore traveling, photography, cooking, cats and italian cuisine.
skype: freshff;
Phones +79226058244; +420776271837.
[en]Santiago Veiga | Desenfoquevideo
Spain, Sevilla
Hola!, no quiero aburrirte llenando este espacio y hablando de mi como generalmente se suele hacer en las biografías de las paginas web. Solo quiero mostrarte como soy y decirte que detrás de DESENFOQUEVIDEO, estamos un grupo de personas amigas que disfrutamos muchísimo haciendo lo que mejor sabemos y lo que realmente nos llena. Así pues, te invito a que hagas un recorrido por mi sección de videos y disfrutes como yo, viendo los clips de otras parejas y, quien sabe si en un futuro el vuestro. Gracias por esta breve visita y que tengas un feliz día.
[en]Konstantin Prosnikov
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Freeform video enthusiast

Cellphone: +7(912)0304077
Skype: kprosnikov

Canon EOS 5D Mark III / 550D / iPhone 4S videographer

 Final Cut Pro Editor
✿ Magic Bullet Looks Colorist
[en]Studio Filmowe Tokksa
Poland, Wadowice
"Creativity is the art of taking a fresh look at old knowledge."
In our work we always try to look at things from the perspective of the people who trust us. We know everyone is different and has different needs. What we try to capture and show in our films are emotions, tiny gestures and glances that show feelings. We hope that thanks to our work, after some years our clients will not only be able to see how beautiful their wedding was, but most of all will be able to feel it once again / to feel what they felt on that day.

Studio Filmowe Tokksa
Krzysztof Sarapata, Tomasz Kotaś

505 313 151 (Tomasz)
602 296 532 (Krzysztof)
Poland, Warsaw
We are a team of young, creative and enthusiastic people. Making film is our passion. Our longtime experience has been gained during years of study and practice. Filming is our work and hobby at the same time. We are keen on investing in our development, taking part in workshops and learning new techniques through taking up new projects. We work on the top of the line equipment and often incorporate market innovations. We are open to new experiences and challenges, in order to bring you the outcome you expected.
[en]Nikita Sursin
Russia, Novosibirsk
Cellphone: +7(923)1271111
Skype: nikitasursin
[en]Zaga Production
Macedonia, Bitola
Award wining studio, Proud winner at the first European Wedding Video Contest, BEST LOVE STORY 2011 in Europe, does Photography and cinematography, mostly weddings, music videos, public events, documentary movies, Commercial videos, available world wide.
Poland, Kielce
Welcome to ProStudios world. Our story with filming has started 5 years ago when we felt that a movie is the way where we can express ourselves. The passion has quickly became our work. We rapidly started to offer our service on a worldwide range. There are two of us, both with a passion and creative minds. Why do we film the weddings? The answer is simply obvious - catching emotions are a really big challenge and we do like challenges. Working with people with whom you may build a great story gives us a big dose of adrenaline and the final effect huge satisfacion. Any project demands from us hard work and plenty of devoted time to keep our clients fully pleased and satisfied. Nethertheless this is not only the wedding issue. We also create commercials, company promotions and video clips.
[en]Dario di Natale | Professional Image
Italy, Pietraperzia
Da quasi 14 anni mi occupo di videografia, prevalentemente in ambito matrimoniale. Insieme a mio fratello ho costruito un marchio di successo, Professional IMAGE photography. Il nostro è uno studio che si occupa di videografia e fotografia.
[en]Evergreen videografi
Italy, Cosenza
Evergreen la freschezza di un ricordo, un sorriso spontaneo, lacrime di gioia e una festa tra cari. Un diarymovie unico, raccontato con la passione di un film d’arte, che colleziona le tue emozioni da ripercorrere e rivivere per sempre.
[en]Victor Manuel Rodriguez Argibay
Spain, Vigo
FOTO VIDEO VICTOR somos una empresa ubicada en Cangas do Morrazo, Pontevedra. Nos dedicamos desde hace casi 30 años a la fotografía y cinematografía. Somos expertos en el reportaje social, pero nuestro trabajo abarca todo tipo de proyectos relacionados con la imagen.
[en]Vito DAgostino | Riflessi Films
Italy, Rome
Nel 2007, nasce lo Studio Fotografico Riflessi insieme alla fotografa Francesca Nicolosi. La passione per il cinema, l’esperienza fotografica, la conoscenza della musica e le tecniche di montaggio hanno permesso il passaggio alle riprese con le DSLR realizzando prodotti dal look cinematografico.
[en]Leoš Brabec |  Primetime
Czech Republic, Brno
At me productions i provide a professional wedding video service with a personal touch. Specialist in wedding and events videography, providing unique video records of personal milestones. Elegant wedding videography for your marriage!
[en]Oleg Dekh
Belarus, Brest
Учеба: курсы сценаристов и режиссеров Александра Митты;
Bremen University;
Курсы телерепортеров в Швеции;
Неоднократный победитель международных конкурсов свадебного видео.
[en]Nacho Suarez | Canarybodas
Spain, Islas Canarias
Canarybodas es una empresa dedicada al sector audiovisual y especializada en bodas y eventos en general. Somos unos fanáticos de la tecnología, así que contamos siempre con los últimos avances en imagen y sonido. Y no nos gusta ponernos límites: intentamos hacer felices a nuestros clientes, haciendo realidad todos sus deseos, e incluso adelantándonos a ellos muchas veces...
[en]Avik Shanich |  HD Design
Croatia, Zagreb
Zahvaljujem Bogu što mi je poklonio posao koji volim i koji mene hrani pozitivnom energijom kad mi je najteže . VOLIM ŽIVOT , VOLIM LJUDE. Sad mi je lakše video dolazi uskoro...
Avik Shanich
[en]Taras Kohan | BeautifulDay
Ukraine, Lviv
We makes our films with love and creativity. We are located in the west of Ukraine in Lviv.
España, Islas Canarias
Estudio de Cinematografía de bodas. Estamos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias, Realizamos nuestro trabajo por toda España y Europa. Studio of Spain - Canary Islands - Gran Canaria Island. Commercials, corporate videos, Social, wedding videography. We carry more than 16 years in the audiovisual sector. Our style and media, technical and human gives us the opportunity to give a quality our work and cinematic flair.
[en]Stefan Mirea | UNIKT MEDIA
Romania, Bucuresti
It was the first wedding filmed at a real castle with a stunningly landscape around. The wedding was small and intimate, but in the same time stylish and successful. It was very hard, I missed the second videographer, but eventually I managed to get what I wanted and also to catch the key moments of the wedding. The wedding day was rainy :( I was very disappointed about that, but I sent an email to several saints to bring us better weather next day. The mail arrived quickly and good weather made its appearance. Claudiu Visan (photographer) gave me a hand and helped me carry the iron beasts :).
[en]Francisco Montoro Morales
Spain, Malaga
Es un realizador granadino con una sensibilidad especial para contar historias cotidianas desde un ángulo distinto. Suele mostrar personajes de lo más común, convirtiéndolos en extraordinarios a través de los pequeños elementos y de la calidad y originalidad de sus planos. Y os invitamos a que conozcáis su portfolio, lleno de gente corriente, de pequeños detalles y de ligeros desenfoques que nos transportan a una realidad diaria totalmente sorprendente.
[en]Timotei Jinar  Wedding Films
Romania, Cluj Napoca
I havent found out about EEVA just some months ago and I was really excited to know that something like this exists! I think it is a great place where you can watch, discuss videos and techniques while meeting new and great people that are doing their job very well for so many years and from which I have a lot to learn.
[en]Evgenij Dubinski
Germany, Nurnberg
Ich liebe es, Hochzeitsfilme zu drehen, da ich dabei viele Genres, wie Dokumentar-, so auch Spielfilme - vereinen kann.
Wobei die Kunst ist, nicht nur die Liebe eines Brautpaars und der herrschenden Atmosphäre solch eines herausragenden Tages richtig rüberzubringen,man muss auch jedes wichtige Detail (sei es auch so klein) und den ganzen Ablauf der Hochzeit, so korrekt wie möglich, so schön und mit einem Gefühl von Ungezwungenheit - darstellen und festhalten können. Denn dieser Film ist für das ganze Leben. Und er wird als eine der wunderschönsten Erinnerungen im Gedächtnis jedermann bleiben, wie bei dem Brautpaar selbst, so auch bei allen Menschen, die an dem Tag dabei sein durften und konnten.
[en]Jozef Zitnansky | Panamera Motion Studios
Slovensko, Bratislava
Jozef Zitnansky - Panamera® Motion Pictures, s.r.o