[en]Fresh Feeling studio, Yulia Vopilova. [ru]Fresh Feeling studio. Юлия Вопилова
Russia-Chezh Republic
I am destination wedding videographer.
Adore traveling, photography, cooking, cats and italian cuisine.
Fresh Feeling studio -
[en]Artem Korchagin [ru]Артем Корчагин
Our victory is a victory large team of organizers, decorators, stylists, makeup artists, lighting designers, photographers working on each project days and nights. I want to say thank you to all of you! And, of course, a special thank you to my team: you know perfectly well that without you, it would be quite a different story :)
[en]Ruzal Akhmadyshev | studio myGraphics [ru]Рузаль Ахмадышев | studio myGraphics
Russia, Kazan
Year of Foundation Studio 2012. Hard work, the embodiment of creative ideas, the development possibilities!
[en]Santi Veiga | life&emotions
Spain, Sevilla
Hello!, I don't want to bore you by filling out this space and talking about my as is generally the case in the biographies of the web pages. I just want to show you as I am and tell you that behind DESENFOQUEVIDEO, we are a group of friends that we enjoy very much doing what we do best and it really filled us up. So, I invite you to go on a tour of my video section and enjoy as I have, seeing the clips of the other couples, and who knows if in the future your.
[en]Studio C Films
Studio C Films
Caique Castro
[en]Nelson Coelho
Nelson Coelho was born 07 August 1985 in Lisbon/Portugal, but grew up and lived much of his life in Terras de Bouro, Braga, Portugal. From a very early age that the video you raised a lot of interest and with only 12 years of age, the camera was, without any shadow of a doubt, his greatest passion.
Nelson Coelho gives lecture to 250 professionals in Portugal, was this year invited the first time by the Portuguese Association of Professional Image (APPI) as speaker of the ExpoFoto 2015.
"For me, Nelson Rabbit is the best. He has won the prize behind the premium and in addition to being very good at the technique, puts a lot of emotion in the work. For this reason it is the guest," explained the president of the APPI, Mark Pinto.
[en]Zaga Production
Macedonia, Bitola
Award wining studio, Proud winner at the first European Wedding Video Contest, BEST LOVE STORY 2011 in Europe, does Photography and cinematography, mostly weddings, music videos, public events, documentary movies, Commercial videos, available world wide.
[en]Mariano Teocrito
I love what i do. I feel a great passion for my profession. For me, a wedding film has to be not only based in cinematographic aesthetics, but in the emotional content. My films are not only the "capture of the moment".
[en]Andrea Spinelli
My name is Andrea Spinelli, I was born in 1981 in Como and is the son of art ...
My father, photographer-edge and innovative for its time, sent me since I was little passion for photography and art.
After following several courses in photography and photo editing, however, I realized that my true passion were so images, but those on the go! In my work I shun the banality and are always looking for the perfect shot, unusual and original, so you can see things from a different point of view, my point of view!
[en]Reticências Produções
My name is Pedro Pinto. I'm somebody that thinks of videography as an art form. I love to tell the story of someone that found their soulmate. I like to make days eternal. Through my work I can express my view of the world. I'm always trying to be innovative in my work. I love my work.
[en]Atheaton Films
Atheaton Films was created in 2007 as an ambitious event filmmaking project by George Pada.
George is a freelance filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience in cinematography and television. Thanks to modern lightweight technology, they are able to cover a wedding and make it a true cinematic experience for you anywhere in the world.
[en]Avatar Videostudio
Wedding and corporate films, music videos, promo shots, etc.
Destination frendly videographers))))
Russia tel: +7 902 64 99310, +7 912 78 26610
[en]Gui Dalzoto [es]Gui Dalzoto [pt]Gui Dalzoto
Just more passionate about real-life stories!
[en]Kaveret Studio
הפקה צילום ועריכה : כוורת
עמוד הפייסבוק של כוורת
טלפון להזמנות 0509222436
Directed & Produced - Kaveret (photography and post)
mail :
my facebook:
israel - 050-9222436
Our kaveret facebook page - עמוד הפייסבוק של כוורת
[en]Happy Moments
For us, this is the video recording is not only an event in Full HD quality, but a long and tedious creative way. We are like an artist, paint a picture, a picture of Your life. This is not just a place of honor in Your Family collection occupies, but Your favorite movie, you not only look at will.