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EEVA CONTEST 2011 - BEST VIDEOGRAPHER 2011 - From castle with LOVE
The annual highest title for a videographer who is a cameraman, a videoeditor and a designer all in one is given for outstanding achievements in wedding videography proved by work quality.
Учасників 42
EEVA CONTEST 2011 - BEST VIDEOEDITOR  2011 - Zadar  Wedding story
The highest title for a wedding (event) videoeditor is given for the most creative approach, the most interesting solutions in wedding video editing, the most interesting color or composition solution.
Учасників 28
The highest title for a wedding cameraman is given for the most creative approach, the most interesting wedding video, the most interesting plans or visuals solutions. Sponsor of nomination — ZION MASTER SHOP.
Учасників 30
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EEVA CONTEST 2011 - Best Wedding Clip - Bogdan&Inna-Highlights
This category is for videos up to 7 minutes long that include the full list of events of one wedding day. Photography quality, conceptual and editing solutions, graphics and music will be evaluated.
Учасників 42
EEVA CONTEST 2011 - Best Love Story - Suzana & Trajko - Desert rose
This category is for short videos (love stories) not longer than 7 minutes that show how the future newly weds met. The photography quality, screenplay, editing solution, work with actors, sound quality, music and graphic solution will be evaluated.
Учасників 34
Short videos about the walk of the bride and groom, up to 5 minutes long, filmed during one wedding day, participate in this category. Filming quality, editing solution, work with actors, and music will be evaluated.
Учасників 15
EEVA CONTEST 2011 - Best SDE (same day editing) - Nastya + Denis
Works in SDE format (same day editing) compete in this category; these are short clips, up to 7 minutes long, edited and shown during the wedding day. Both filming quality and conceptual and editing solutions, graphics and music will be evaluated.
Учасників 7
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  • reflejos digitales
    reflejos digitales
  • MP Studios
    MP Studios
  • Luís Rolo
    Luís Rolo
  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
  • Robert Balasko
    Robert Balasko
  • The wedding photographs and videos are our specialty. We are in Canary Islands, but we travel all over Spain, Europe and wherever require our creativity. Voted as "One of the Top 25 Event Filmmakers in the World". EventDV Magazine 2010.'
  • Our filmmaking concept is based on intuitive, sensitive reflection of your event, not just plain documentation. The main and central part of our work, our inspiration is you. Your style, your mood, the soul of your event.'
  • We are a team of young, creative and enthusiastic people. Film making is our passion. Our longtime experience has been gained during years of study and practice. Filming is our work and hobby at the same time.'
  • Reconhecido pela dinâmica e criatividade dos seus filmes, Luís Rolo retrata cada casamento de forma única e surpreendente.'
  • International award winning team. Our wedding movies are very well known nation wide by Brides and the wedding cinema industry. Bringing our individual strengths and our cinematographer talents we will produce your wedding day movie with a total unique style.'
  • Art Studio is award winning studio with more than 20 years of experinece. It is one of the leading studios of the world specialized for wedding photography and videography.'