Who can participate in the contest?
The Wedding Video Contest is a significant annual event in wedding and event videography in Russia and the CIS. In the previous years among the winners of the contest were Santi Veiga, Leosh Brabeck, Andrey Melikov, Artur Inamov, Avik Shanich, Yulia Vopilova and many other distinguished videographers.
All wedding videographers can participate in the contest if they are registered at the EEVA's site (European Event Visographers Association). Registration is free, however it is only pro account (eeva.pro/en/pro) holders who can participate in the Contest. Participation is available to teams, studios, and other organizations as long as the authors of each work are mentioned. Each nomination has its own specific terms.
Terms of Participation
All entries have to match the theme of the contest: wedding videos. Participants can only submit works of their own authorship, although they can be assisted by their colleagues.
Participation is free of charge. Each participant can submit one video to each category. Entries that do not meet the technical requirements are deleted by moderators before the voting starts.
Main award categories
- Best Videographer (the annual award for the best cameraman, video editor and designer, all in one)
- Best Cameraman (the best wedding cameraman)
- Best Video Editor (the best wedding video editor)

The main categories are annual. All submitted videos must fully match the technical requirements to participate in these categories. Wedding videos are preferable, however any other high quality works can be submitted as well.
Categories:Wedding specialities:
- Best SDE-Maker (express editor) - any SDE videos can participate - wedding highlights reels that were shot, edited and demonstrated during one wedding day. Length: up to 5 minutes.
- Best Sound Editor - fragments of real wedding videos or demo reels showing your sound editing level. Length: up to 4 minutes.
- Best Video Colorist - fragments of real wedding videos demonstrating the author's approach to color editing. Length: up to 3 minutes.
- Best Pilot - this category is for expert wedding works made using professional filmmaking equipment (drones, camera dollies, camera sliders, and steadicams). Length: up to 5 minutes.
Categories: Wedding videos:
- The Best Wedding Highlights - this nomination is for videos that cover one whole wedding day. Length: up to 7 minutes.
- The Best Love story - videos that cover love stories or wedding preparations. Length: up to 7 minutes.
- The Best Walk. - Videos with any storyline can be submitted for participation, the only condition is that they have to be shot during a wedding walk. Length: up to 5 minutes.
- The Best Music Video - This category is for music video shots with weddin guest during the preparations or the wedding celebration. Length: up to 5 minutes.
Length - specific to every nomination. Exceeding maximum length is a serious violation and can lead to the deletion of the video.
Aspect ratio: 16:9, HD format, from your profile or as a link from www.vimeo.com
Participation is free, however only available to pro account holders
Submitted videos should contain a complete story with a logical plot.
How many works can submitting?
All participants can only submit one work to one nomination. The Committee can request for more works to prove that the participant in question really deserves high rating (in order to avoid discrepancies).
Judges independently evaluate all the entries submitted to the Contest. The interim ratings are not published and the winner is selected by calculating the average score. To make judging unprejudiced and uniform we have defined the following criteria for evaluation: the artistic level, general impression, originality and the storyline, technical aspects and overall quality. The final results of the Contest are public and are announced at the Contest site after the Contest is closed.
By submitting videos to the contest the member confirms his or her authorship and agreement to all the terms and conditions of the Contest. In case it turns out that a participant provided false information, the Organizers have the right to withdraw prizes and publicly cancel the Contest results.
The organizers have the right to use the works and names of authors and names of judges for promotional purposes.
Videographer of the Year nomination winner gets a Grand Prix. This prize will help the winner achieve new professional goals in videography and create a great many masterpieces and make it into the history of wedding videography. As to the other nominations, each has three prizes.