Russia, Moscow
ART ISLAND studio produces premium wedding cinematography and we are an Award Winning Wedding Cinematography in Russia.
Our small but very solid and amicable team is the best in Russia for many years. During that period of time that we exist we have already proved our professionalism to hundreds happy couples and families.
We help you to keep your happiest moments rnof life forever and remind your sincere smiles and tears of joy.
[en]Robert Balasko | Art Studio
Croatia, Samobor
Art Studio is international award winning studio based in Croatia/Europe with more than 20 years of experience.
It is one of the leading studios of the world specialized for event, wedding and corporate photography and cinematography. Art Studio crew proves its creativity every day, working all over the world and they would be honored to "create" Your frames and memories in the most beautiful and unique way.
Poland, Warsaw
We are a team of young, creative and enthusiastic people. Making film is our passion. Our longtime experience has been gained during years of study and practice. Filming is our work and hobby at the same time. We are keen on investing in our development, taking part in workshops and learning new techniques through taking up new projects. We work on the top of the line equipment and often incorporate market innovations. We are open to new experiences and challenges, in order to bring you the outcome you expected.
[en]Moreh Productions
Spain, Andalucia, Cádiz
Profesionalmente me dedico a la videografía. Es necesario que comience a haber personas que conciban el video de boda desde otra perspectiva.rnrnStudio of Spain - Andalucia - Cádiz Professionally I work in videography. You need to start having people who devise the wedding video from another perspective.100% DSLR shooternWe carry more than 5 years in the audiovisual sector.
I love my job!
Antonio Morenilla
[en]Santiago Veiga | Desenfoquevideo
Spain, Sevilla
Reír, llorar, temblar, soñar con lo desconocido, sorprenderse con lo inesperado,rncaptar pequeños momentos de magia, ¡¡emocionarse!! eso es DESENFOQUEVIDEO
[en]Maxim Molchanov | INITIATIVE
Ukraine, Kiev
Видео - это неотъемлемая часть мой жизни. Большинство людей даже не догадываются насколько свадебное видео шагнуло за последние 2-3 года. То, что сегодня создается, уже крайне сложно назвать просто "видео" - это уже кино, оно все больше строится на принципах киноискусства. И это действительно впечатляет!
За последние три года моими усилиями было создано около 100 свадебных фильмов, я работал с талантливыми людьми: фотографами, видеографами, организаторами свадеб, декораторами - людьми, для которых нет повторений и плагиата.
За последние годы, существенно расширилась география съемок: съемки проводились в России, Украине, Испании, Италии, Франции, Шри-Ланке, Тайланде, Израиле и других регионах.
Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkov
Свадьба – это уникальное, неповторимое событие, на котором видео оператор не имеет права на ошибку! К каждой видеосъемке свадьбы наша студия подходит индивидуально. Наши операторы делают всё, чтобы уловить настроение молодых, и передать их внутренний мир. Таким образом, мы добиваемся уникальности каждого свадебного фильма!
Spain - Canary Islands
Estudio de Cinematografía de bodas. Estamos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias, Realizamos nuestro trabajo por toda España y Europa. Studio of Spain - Canary Islands - Gran Canaria Island. Commercials, corporate videos, Social, wedding videography. We carry more than 16 years in the audiovisual sector. Our style and media, technical and human gives us the opportunity to give a quality our work and cinematic flair. ExMember of the FEPFI (Spanish Federation of Photography and Image)
[en]Oleg Kalyan
Russia, Moscow
Oleg Kalyan is Producer/Cinematographer/Editor residing in Moscow. All projects on the site are produced, directed, filmed by Oleg Kalyan Films, unless specified otherwise.
Ukraine, Kiev
DEDKOFF PRODUCTION — leader of the Ukrainian wedding videography.
Poland, Kielce
Welcome to ProStudios world. Our story with filming has started 5 years ago when we felt that a movie is the way where we can express ourselves. The passion has quickly became our work. We rapidly started to offer our service on a worldwide range. There are two of us, both with a passion and creative minds. Why do we film the weddings? The answer is simply obvious - catching emotions are a really big challenge and we do like challenges. Working with people with whom you may build a great story gives us a big dose of adrenaline and the final effect huge satisfacion. Any project demands from us hard work and plenty of devoted time to keep our clients fully pleased and satisfied. Nethertheless this is not only the wedding issue. We also create commercials, company promotions and video clips.
[en]Engage Cinematic Wedding film
Cardiff, Wales, UK
Started filming weddings in 2004, and have been steadily building up the business ever since, have now filmed well over 400 weddings.I am actually proud to say I am self taught in the skills of filming, editing, motion graphics and sound production. I am often told my films are very unique and I believe this is down to my thinking outside the box as I had no rigid guidelines to adhere to.
Engage Cinematic Wedding films now has a crew of 5 cameramen to cover the largest most prestigious weddings across the UK and beyond.
[en]Leoš Brabec |PrimeTime
Brno, Czech Republic
S osobním přístupem a citlivou rukou se specializuji na svatební videa poskytující nahrávky jedinečných zážitků ve vašem životním kroku.
Můj filmařský styl je vysoce nevtíravý a upřímný. Události neřídím, raději čekám na to, jak se rozvinou. Svatební den má sám o sobě dostatek dramatu, humoru a romance. Nechci manipulovat vašimi prožitky a vytvořit něco co se opravdu nestalo.
Na tomto místě budu prezentovat své nejnovější práce. Věřím, že se Vám budou líbit a že se sem budete často vracet :-)
[en]Stefan Mirea | UNIKT MEDIA
Romania, Bucuresti
It was the first wedding filmed at a real castle with a stunningly landscape around. The wedding was small and intimate, but in the same time stylish and successful. It was very hard, I missed the second videographer, but eventually I managed to get what I wanted and also to catch the key moments of the wedding. The wedding day was rainy :( I was very disappointed about that, but I sent an email to several saints to bring us better weather next day. The mail arrived quickly and good weather made its appearance. Claudiu Visan (photographer) gave me a hand and helped me carry the iron beasts :).
Ukraine, Kiev
ALEKSSANDRO.COM это сообщество профессиональных свадебных фотографов и видеооператоров, многолетний опыт и мастерство которых по достоинству оценено как в Украине так и за ее пределами. Наш успех в исключительном подходе к реализации наших творческих идей. Используя лучшие инструменты и возможности, мы устанавливаем новые стандарты качества в свадебной фото и видео индустрии. На сегодняшний день студия ALEKSSANDRO провела съемки в 17 городах 8 странах мира на 3 континентах планеты.
[en]Zaga Production
Macedonia, Bitola
Award wining studio, Proud winner at the first European Wedding Video Contest, BEST LOVE STORY 2011 in Europe, does Photography and cinematography, mostly weddings, music videos, public events, documentary movies, Commercial videos, available world wide.
Russia, Moscow
Our filmmaking concept is based on intuitive, sensitive reflection of your event, not just plain documentation. We use most modern equipment, most convenient tools, but the main and central part of our work, our inspiration is you. Your style, your mood, the soul of your event. We pay much attention to this hidden aspect and try to make it visible and shine in your own personal way. Whether it will be slow or fast, cinematic or movie clip-like totally depends on you. If you want to co-create with us, to make something special and unique, please contact us here or through the contact page on site.
Czech Republic, Praha
We adhere to principle: no patterns, no blanks. Thus first of all suggest the client’s careful watching of the works in order to imagine a possible variant of the future wedding photos and movies. During the last year we carried out wedding projects in 8 countries: Czech, Poland, Belarus, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italy. If you like what we do feel free to contact us for any further information. It will be a great honor and pleasure for to film the most important day in life of any couple – the wedding day.
Andernos, France
We are a creative studio that makes great videos for great people! We are passionate about what we do. Outside the office too. We like creating. Thats true. We are three filmmakers with different worlds but we have one thing in common. We love telling stories!
[en]Antonio Domingo  reflejos|digitales
España, islas Canarias
Especialistas en fotografía y vídeos de boda. Estamos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias. Nos desplazamos por toda España, Europa y allá donde requieran nuestra creatividad.
The wedding photographs and videos are our specialty. We are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, but we travel all over Spain, Europe and wherever require our creativity.
[en]Michael Sozonov | F2PRO
Russia, St.Petersburg
Видеооператор студии F2PRO. Никаких стандартов и клише. Мы продвигаем по-глянцевому стильную свадебную фотографию и модное видео, в которых есть эмоции, настроение, чувственность и жизнь.
[en]Luis Rolo
Mais do que um simples vídeo, um filme de casamento conta uma história - a VOSSA história.
Conta também outras pequenas histórias, paralelas, que se foram desenvolvendo ao longo do dia. Aquelas que, provavelmente, passariam ao lado.
E eu quero ter o privilegio de as contar porque, afinal, estou aqui pelo mesmo motivo que vocês: "Quero algo diferente para o vosso filme".
[en]Velvetine Studios
Tralee, Ireland
We are Maurice and Elaine, husband and wife, best friends, and owners of Velvetine Studios.
Wedding video has never interested us.
We are storytellers who make an emotion charged film about you and one of the most extraordinary days in your lives.
As filmmakers we capture meaningful moments that reflect the style, importance, and feeling of your day. We are passionate about telling unique, timeless Wedding Stories that will be cherished today and for many generations to come.
[en]Minty Slippers
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
We never stand still. Always moving. I think you could say that’s our motto. Especially Danny – who’s always being told off by Julie to “stop fidgeting”. We are driven by the people we meet, the experiences we have, and a great sense of belief, that what we do is the right choice for us. WE LOVE BEING BEHIND THE CAMERA – IT’S WHERE WE FEEL – RIGHT. Our backgrounds are from the commercial world, mostly middle management – but we’ve always had that feeling that our skills were perhaps better placed in another world. Now, we get to travel around, Meeting you and your families,making new friends and telling new stories. Best job EVER. And we like cake, and tea. A lot.
[en]Your Perfect Day
Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom
A truly unique personalised wedding keepsake. Exciting, innovative and creative Cinematic Wedding films. We dont just video your Wedding, we film it........ ! Our style of filming is fresh, unobtrusive and natural, we follow as the events unfold discreetly, without interrupting, all seeing but unseen observing every little detail … it really is the little things that make a big difference! It is a medium that reveals all! We don’t choreograph groups and poses like a photographer but document the real life events – the joy and emotions as they happen. A Wedding film created by us will bring the same emotions back to you that you felt the day you married for a lifetime.