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Annual professional award
Сергей Глебко
IKRA Wedding
Bojan Mitkovski
Николай Каретко
Mari Bushaeva
Ruzal Akhmadyshev myGraphics
Artem Ditkovsky
Artjom Kurepin
Oleg Serbin
Михаил Ходановский
Only for EEVA Pro members
Entry Submission: September 1st - October 15th
Shortlist Dates: from 10 to 21 October 2015
Judging: from 21 to 31 October 2015
Finalist Announcement: November 1st
Award Ceremony - November 3rd 2015, Moscow
Entries will be judged by most renowned
and respected videographers from all over the world.
Main nominations
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Videographer - Idol
The Annual Best Videographer Award is the highest award given to the videographer who is a cameraman, a video editor and a designer all in one for outstanding achievements in wedding videography.
Participants 63
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Video Editor - Rezo&Kristina
The Best Video Editor Award is given for the most creative approach, the most interesting solutions in wedding video editing, and the best color and composition. This year, for the first time awarded second and third place in this nominations.
Participants 60
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Cameraman - Свадьба Дмитрий и Александра (WELCOME FILMS)
The Best Cameraman Award is given for the most creative approach, outstanding wedding videos, the most interesting shots or visual solutions. This year, for the first time awarded second and third place in this category.
Participants 54
Non-bridal video
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Children video - День Рождения сына Гуфа и Айзы
The nomination includes any video about children, reports about celebrations, baptisms, graduation parties, video about kindergartens.
Participants 29
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - The best promo - Amares - Braga URBAN FIT 2015 #E02
In the nomination includes any promotional videos: stories about the companies and the people, reporting on the events, promotional videos for musicians, projects, studios. Maximum 7 minutes.
Participants 44
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Stylish & short - The Forest Nymph
In this new nomination includes stylish and very short videos of any subject - timing no more than 1 minute. Videos may contain non-bridal video only.
Participants 15
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Exotic&Erotic - Kingdom of Thailand
The nomination includes all the videos in the style "the exotic or the erotic" - sports, action, underwater, slow, from clubs and even erotic. Only 3 minutes.
Participants 20
Wedding specialists
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best SDE-Maker - SDE - Magic Fall
This award is given to experts who have created the best wedding reels during one wedding day (same day editing).
Participants 30
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Pilot - fly
This category is for expert works shot using professional filmmaking equipment (drones, camera dollies, camera sliders, and steadicams).
Participants 29
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Colorist - Post boda {Miriam + Carlos}
In this category judges evaluate 3 min fragments of real wedding videos demonstrating the author's approach to color editing.
Participants 17
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Sound Producer - Alfonso & Susana
The Best Sound Producer Awards are given to experts in sound recording and sound design whose contest entries have the most interesting and outstanding sound tracks.
Participants 11
Wedding genres
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Wedding Highlights - Highlight - Heat
This category is for videos that cover one whole wedding day (highlights).
Participants 62
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Love Story - Dasha & Tima the Love Story
This category is for videos that cover love stories or wedding preparations, but not the wedding.
Participants 43
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Walk - Tatjana & Sergej
Videos with any storyline can be submitted to this category, the only condition is that they have to be shot during a wedding walk.
Participants 19
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Music Video - Video Booth Magali and Manuel
This category is only for music video with wedding guest during the preparations or the wedding celebration.
Participants 13
  • Dmitry Sedov
    Dmitry Sedov
  • Artem Korchagin
    Artem Korchagin
  • Yulia Vopilova
    Yulia Vopilova
  • Happy Moments
    Happy Moments
  • Sergio Duarte
    Sergio Duarte
  • Reticências Produções
    Reticências Produções
  • GoodLife Production Studio
    GoodLife Production Studio
  • Nikita Kazmiruk
    Nikita Kazmiruk
  • Slava Aramov
    Slava Aramov