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Fonvi production (Шнайдер и Вранова)
Samara (Russia), Saratov (Russia), other (Kazakhstan)
Fonvi production (Шнайдер и Вранова)
Video - LACE#2 (Fonvi production (Шнайдер и Вранова), Russia)
Трэк классный)
Отлично! Цвета класс!
Девятый Форум - Традиционная встреча профессионалов!

Девятый Форум

Традиционная встреча профессионалов!

The contest
is closed
Dmitriy Makeyev
Sérgio Duarte
Pro Studio
Иван Смирнов и  Денис Румянцев
Vito D'Agostino
Pedro Pinto
Philippe Rolo
Bojan Mitkovski
Andrea Spinelli
studio myGraphics
SANTI VEIGA | life&emotions
GoodLife Production Studio
6K KineMAX camera
The KineMAX is a Super 35mm raw shooting 6K camera with 14 stops dynamic range, increasing to 16 stops in 3K mode, native ISO is 800. Impressive. I contacted Jihua of Kinefinity recently to talk about a few remaining questions I had on the recently announced KineMAX as well as the updated lower end model, now dubbed KineMINI.

Footage from the 6K KineMAX (sporting a 18MP CMOS sensor) is due to be released in a few days, says Jihua. The KineMAX is one of only two 6K cameras in the world right…
2 weeks back
Forum On Board: not like others!
Yes.. we did it! New Forum with a new format, for an incredible experience!
From the staff of EEVA, a new kind of International Forum with a special mix of learning, production, travel and fun.

What are you waiting for? Come on board with us! ;)
2 months back
Video - Agnieszka & Michał Wedding (Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Poland)
Agnieszka & Michał Wedding
Video - Свадебный клип | Артем и Анна (Николай Каретко, Russia)
Свадебный клип | Артем и Анна
Battle of the day
Avatar Videostudio
Perm (Russia)
Igor Gurskyy
Barсelona (Spain)
Battle - Oleg & Natalia || Highlights (Avatar Videostudio, Russia)
Battle - Lubomir | Viktoria_highlights (Igor Gurskyy , Spain)