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Enrico Pietrobon
Milan, Basel, Genove
Enrico Pietrobon
weddingdrone-video, Nicoletta & Lorenzo - Enrico Pietrobon, Milan, Basel, Genove
I asked for advice on my video. not to know whether or not my video and better than another. You are better than me it seems ... Well .. Congratulations
I think this video is much more better: eeva.pro/en/video/28416 It should be a battle :)
Thanks for your FeedBack
Enrico Pietrobon in private message sais: "Hi. you can look at my first job with GH4? eeva.pro/it/video/28438" Ok. Let's see: - colors are awful!!! This is mini-dv-era colos... You should do CC more acurate. And I know, GH4 can do mach more with colors! - image look very flat - too dark in shadows and overexposed in highlights - the shots are too long and boring: 5 seconds of lips without any action (00:24 - 00:30).. The guy cleans dirty shue (00:48).. etc... - Do you know the rules of editing? You can't use two closups or midframes in a row - and so on... music, directing... And one and only one cool shot is 01:01 - drone and wind... My conclusion is - there only one reason for 15 likes. Every one read your message and "Like". So, guys! Have you even watched this video?! How can you like it? Wish I had "Dislike" button.
Good job Enrico ;)
Annual professional award
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Pilot - fly
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Stylish & short - Style
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Video Editor - Montage
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Sound Producer - Sound Producer
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Walk - Walk
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Love Story - Love Story
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Video Editor - Nadezda & Taras | Prague
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - The best promo - Wedding Emotions SOHO
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Best Cameraman - Liubomyr + Nargiz
EEVA CONTEST 2015 - Children video - Frederik's christening
Confidences ....
Well ... we have already presented a couple of videos for the contest. I honestly do not think we pass the first selection, but it's still important to participate. Perhaps the last year in EEVA Estudio Marhea follow. The fact that only we edit video is a major handicap that we have not managed to overcome in EEVA. What we are very happy he is to have met great professionals and have seen true works of art made movies .... Now videographers for which we edited, want to put these videos and…
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EEVA 9th Annual Video Contest 2015!
9th Annual Video EEVA Contest 2015 has started from September 1st!
The Annual Video Contest is a significant annual event in wedding and event videography in Russia and the CIS. In the previous years among the winners of the contest were Santi Veiga, Leosh Brabeck, Jose Ortiz, Andrey Melikov, Artur Inamov, Yulia Vopilova and many other distinguished videographers...
All videographers can participate in the contest if they are registered at the EEVA's site (European Event Visographers…
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, I.D. Brothers production - Igor Catrinescu,
I.D. Brothers production
, Teledysk ślubny | Alicja & Dawid | Paradyż - Niewinni Czarodzieje, Wroclaw
Teledysk ślubny | Alicja & Dawid | Paradyż
Battle of the day
LimeTree  Film
Belostock, Kaunas, Warsaw
Florence, Rome, Venice
Battle - Edyta & Marek - Wedding Day (LimeTree  Film, Poland)