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Victor Popov Film Company
Victor Popov Film Company
wedding, Ekaterina & Steven - Victor Popov Film Company , Sofia
Большое вам спасибо!
Спасибо Виктор, достойная работа!
Very nice clip Victor!
Thank you very much!
Good job friend!!!! I liked very much!!!
Annual professional award
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Cameraman - Family | Carmelo + Erika
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Videographer - Видеограф года
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Cameraman - Anton and Alexandra
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Video Editor - Сюрприз жениху
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Cameraman - Martyna i Rafał - The Wedding Day
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Love Story - New York - The city that never sleeps
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Videographer - The Black Trailer
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Wedding Highlights - В и А
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Sound Producer - Wedding day: Jack Anastasia
EEVA CONTEST 2014 - Best Colorist - Rosca Showroom
8th Wedding Video Contest 2014 has started
The Wedding Video Contest is a significant annual event in wedding and event videography in Russia and the CIS. In the previous years among the winners of the contest were Santi Veiga, Leosh Brabeck, Artisland, Yulia Vopilova, myGraphics Studio and many other distinguished videographers.
All wedding videographers can participate in the contest if they are registered at the EEVA's site (European Event Visographers Association). Registration is free, however it is only pro account holders who…
2 months back
SONY Alpha a7S "IS IT TRUE?"
Sony a7S
As promised, here I share the little clip that resulted from the tests I did with Sony A7s. The images were captured during late afternoon and night, without any prior preparation and therefore do not contain predefined message or meaning. Weather conditions, despite adverse, helped in some parameters that wanted to test. However, obviously, on a clear day, or even with some clouds, i would have another kind of light to run several important tests.
Already we are all tired of…
2 months back
, Vladimira & Angel - VolkVision  , Sofia
Vladimira & Angel
, "Una sola storia" Booktrailer - Carmelo  Caramagno, other
"Una sola storia" Booktrailer
, Kinga & Krzysztof | Heartbeat - Studio Filmowe IMAGINE, Warsaw
Kinga & Krzysztof | Heartbeat
, Папа и дочь - Петр Спицын WEDDAY, Perm
Папа и дочь